"Oxygen" Excursions
What is more obvious than to take advantage of a stay in Evian also to revitalise the mind (and the legs) in these spectacular preserved surroundings ? This is what is offered to you each week with the "Oxygen excursions" , half day trips escorted by guides (on foot, in snow shoes or by mountain bike depending on the season). From February to November. Transport arranged from Evian. Information and registrations from the Tourist Office.
International week of Acrobatic Sports.
From 19th to 25th July, Evian welcomes the champions of acrobatic disciplines from 7 countries for a week of demonstrations, competitions and large show at night, (gymnastics, trampolining, tumbling, diving, acrobatic skiing, parachuting, acrobatic rock and roll).
Information from CISA
Lake fishing, river fishing, dragnet fishing, etc.; a wide choice of location and fishing types are on offer. Contact the Tourist Office for details of restrictions.
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